About the Company

My name is Eric, I've started Midwest Collective because I want to have some fun. Each design represents a part of who I am, what I represent, and what's important to me. You'll notice each design has a description that depicts the design's importance. I do this because connecting with people is something I value, but Midwest Collective isn't just about me. I want to hear your stories, and if I like one enough, I'll make a design in your honor. And, not only is every single shirt custom made upon your order, but made locally in California, and that's pretty rad I think.

About Midwest Collective:
One summer, what started as a college internship at the coolest clothing company in the world, Hozell, quickly turned into a venture to do something on my own with some cool people helping me along the way. After creating a few of my own designs while there, the thought hit me to start my own shindig originally called Midwest Coast. As people, what we wear is sometimes an extension of who we are, and we aren't just one image, one style, one anything. We are a collective of all of our experiences and interests. To me, the traditional, look-book every season kind of fashion just isn't reflective. It lacks feeling; it's too out of touch with the moment. So, with the help from the guys at Hozell and Generic Youth, Midwest Coast was launched as a response to the demand for dynamic freedom through clothing.

These days, Midwest Coast is known as Midwest Collective. Overall, the inspiration for Midwest Collective anchors its roots in the loose, surf-trendy fashions and lifestyle of Orange County and the traditional, cozy comforts of the Midwest. Having spent much time in both places, I realized the potentials of a brand representing such big aspects of American life - the coast and the countryside, a brand that moreover becomes a metaphor for connection. MWC delivers a blend of self and simplicity, and always knows how to have fun.